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SAE - Supervised Agricultural Experiences

As part of a balanced Agricultural Education program, SAEs are just as 
vital today as they were 100 years ago when Ag Ed formally began. That said, the variety and scope of projects has transitioned through the past century along with changes in agriculture, food and natural resources, as well as the changing demographic of our students. 

Though the nature of the projects continues to evolve, the core principals remain the same:
  1. Hands-on application of knowledge and leadership skils
  2. Building real-world career skills
  3. Aligned to student's career plan
  4. Connected to agriculture, food and natural resources
  5. Student-led, instructor-supervised

>> SAE Teacher Guide

(Credit: National Council for Ag Ed)


>> SAE Student Guide

(Credit: National Council for Ag Ed)


(Credit: National Council for Ag Ed)


>> SAE Ideas

(Credit: National FFA and Leland Bunting)

>> SAE Packet

>> Word Version  

(Credit: Craig Kohn) 

SAE Forms for Classroom Use

Download each separate Word document: 
>> Foundational SAE Form 
>> SAE Agreement 
>> SAE Evaluation - Middle School 
>> SAE Final Verification 
>> SAE Grading Sheet 
>> SAE Job Shadow Log 

(Credit: Troy Talford and Linda Sattler)