Ag Ed
Colleges and Careers


WAAE actively engages in a variety of partnerships to support our members. These have direct benefits like idea-sharing synergies and supportive relationships. There are also indirect benefits of elevating and advance the entire Ag Ed program and profession. 


WAAE supports all new and early-career teachers, including assigning formal mentors, hosting monthly webinar series, special program at the Professional Development Conference. Visit for more details and resources. 

Peer Networking

Mid- and late-career teachers are energized by social and professional interactions with one-another. It elevates the rapport and morale, as well as helps their programs continue to flourish with new ideas. These peer-to-peer exchanges happen naturally during the WAAE sponsored and supported professional development events. 

Legislative Advocacy

WAAE has two annual legislative advocacy activities, and provides resources for members to do their own efforts. During times of contentious legislative decisions, WAAE increases its grassroots efforts. One annual activity facilitated by WAAE is the annual "FFA Day on the Hill" during the Wisconsin FFA Convention. The other is annual participation with full expenses paid for 3-4 members to attend the National Policy Seminar in Washington D.C.

Team Ag Ed Collaboration

WAAE is an active member of Wisconsin Team Ag Ed, the entity that pulls together all Ag Ed-related organizations to plan and execute ways to improve the state and local level Ag Ed programming.    

Business and Organizational Cooperations

Healthy cooperation with businesses and organizations helps WAAE members to have the most relevant content for use within their Ag Ed programs. WAAE invites such groups to submit proposals to facilitate workshops during our annual Professional Development Conference. We also invite groups to exhibit during our Educational Expo at the conference.