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WAAE Leadership Opportunities

WAAE encourages its members to actively participate in leadership opportunities through the organization. A well-balance Agricultural Education program incorporates an emphasis on leadership/civic engagement, and such participation by Ag Ed instructors models this to students.
“Not only was I able to represent the agricultural educators throughout the State of Wisconsin, but I was able to learn about the different agricultural education programs and curriculum taught in other districts which allowed me to expand the curriculum at my home school district.” 
~ Kim Houser, Agriculture Educator at Wisconsin Heights
“I highly recommend that any school district striving to be on the cutting edge of learning and enhancing curriculum development in their school district support their faculty in pursuing such dreams of serving the State while growing in their personal knowledge and wisdom.”
~ Cliff Thompson, Ed.D, Sauk Prairie School District Superintendent

WAAE Committees

Committees are the primary way that our organization creates and executes programming for our members and for the betterment of Wisconsin Ag Ed. 

Each member is on two committees: 
  1. They are part of their sectional committee responsibility.
  2. They are part of one of 15 statewide committees. 
All committees meet during the Professional Development Conference. Several also meet in conjunction with the statewide FFA leadership conferences. Email is used to conduct projects.

We encourage active participation as a committee member. After all, "many hands make light work." 

We also encourage you to consider chairing a committee or specific project within your committee.

All committee reports and other information can be found on Communities of Practice. This platform is utilized because it provides ample opportunity for committee members to post their own reports and materials. 

There is an ongoing speadsheet of committee membership that is managed by the Alternate VPs of the board.


WAAE Board

The WAAE Board is make up of 27 members:
  • 12 Alternate Vice Presidents 
    • One from each of the 10 FFA Sections and two post-secondary
    • Six are newly elected each year
    • Serve for two years, then move into VP role
  • 12 Vice Presidents
    • Alternate VPs move into VP role
    • Serve for two years, then retires from board or has opportunity to run for president-elect
  • President-Elect
    • Elected from retiring vice presidents
    • Serve for one year, then goes on to serve as president
  • President
    • Serves for one year, then goes on to serve as past-president
  • Past-President
    • Serves for one year, then retires from board
Main responsibilities as a board member: 
  • Attend board meetings:
    • July/August - summer kick-off meeting
    • November- Saturday of the Fall 212/360 FFA Conference
    • January - Friday afternoon of the Half-Time FFA Conference
    • April - Friday of the State CDEs
    • June - Sunday and Thursday of WAAE Conference
  • Chair sectional committee - facilitate responsibilities being carried out and run meetings -  during fall DPI in-service and at WAAE Conference
  • Organize date, location, meal for fall DPI in-service
  • Assist with PDC preparations, as assigned
  • Encourage membership to any non-members
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