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WAAE (Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators) is a professional organization made up of middle school, high school and post-secondary agriculture teachers. We are dedicated to agricultural educators in developing knowledge and sharpening skills about the ever-evolving agricultural industry.

The WAAE organization has a dynamic system to help its members:

  • Develop and maintain curriculum.
  • Provide state, regional and national professional development opportunities.
  • Network with business leaders, colleagues and sponsors developing relationships between the classroom and the industry.
  • Advocate for the local agricultural education program and industry.
  • Provide a support system and mentor program to retain agricultural education teachers.

About WAAE

WAAE Bylaws

The Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators was originally call the Wisconsin Association of Vocational Agriculture Instructors (WAVAI). History does not tell us when the first agriculture instructor organization was formed in Wisconsin. It appears that some type of organization appeared almost with the onset of the program. An early teacher in the field, N.O. Eckley, has made note of the fact that he served as a treasurer of such an organization in 1917. It was, however, under Mr. Sasman's guidance that the WAVAI was officially formed in this state at the summer conference in 1924. In 2017, WAAE will celebrate its 100th professional development conference.

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